Dezember 2003 - in Memory

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Relocate your brain

Im sitting right here by my own, ma thoughts are killing me and are chewing on my bones. Shit, what can I do to make my life better I have to get out this cold and stormy weather. I was thinking im bad and cool but I only acted like a fool I did not know that I was an addict I was just being pathetic. I hate this life im living just want to die nobody will ever understand why I didn’t say good bye. I will be just gone disappeared out this misery cant take this humiliation any longer I feel my pain is just getting stronger, you gos to understand that I have this magic wand where I just stand back and hide, those are the only times im feeling all right no reason to out on a fight. Its kind of insane that I still think about you every minute there are so many people who are trying to act like a menace to society but the aint got the verity in their thoughts the murder their own brain is there any way you sustain my pain but ya don’t even know how to spell my name. I know I have something special in my soul that’s the only reason why im still walking through that deep and dark whole. I can feel your shade on my body that’s cause im always staying naughty nothing I can do about that may be you should just give me a slap before I will be the backstabbed, backslapped wanna be real but I cant don’t know the reason why you folks will never get me right so I m ready to bite ya head of in pieces shit when I get horny I also would fuck all ya tight nieces no reason to believe in jesus because he will never help you out you can just do it by your own when I flex I don’t like to sound monotone that’s why I break every bone in your body come here and show me what you got don’t try to act tough or righteous you may just fight this. Never reached the damn point just puffing on your next joint its an addiction you don’t know how to handel it right the only thing you can do is just fight for own rights ignite the light of the deep and dark tunnel when I flow and flex its like a funnel like a damn twister twist ya heart appart

Ya heard me when I im back you wont feel free no more cause ya know who im, im the men who went trough so much shit so much crab so much pain that I just cant stand it no longer I wanna get out here right now its not worth it gos to be myself no one else no dirty ass bitch living on the street trying to find a bud on the moody street I aint like that and its important for me that I can change quickly this crab just drives me mad I only think about this ont thing nothing else how will I end up in wealth if this shit stays like that its like a stab with a glimming blade stuck to your body it drives you nutz just gets ya fucked up my mother is loosing her patience and that’s understandable cause the way im acting is not right I just want to egnite the light in the deep and floody tunnel ship when I flex and flow I feel like a funnel I don’t wanna die yet don’t wanna cry no more it fucks me up shit please lord stop it right now I hate that situation im in there are a couple ways to make my dick swing but I ping you up against the wall even if ya tall I sell ya ass in a mall because I don’t give a damn what da fuck ya thinking so many pussies are still slutty and stinking but you know I gos to keep it to myself I can still think straight better than all ya motherfuckers out there you can suck my damn cock every single day cause you suck and you never get buckeled up when ya driving down the street in ya beamer never will be like you a damn ass reamer but ya better get ya system cleaner if ya wanna make some dough cause you know im back and who in da hell would even try to stop my dough from running down the fountain when I felx and flow I climb the highest mountain because I wanna see the apex im telling all my peops just relax but let me step on this pitch forever I hope that I ll have the capability to stop the rainy ass wheater because the rain is messing up my vision I cant see straight no more Im just twitching and I feel like shit but im still myself gonna go somewhere and find my own self its not ybout you its about me when cause I like to rhyme that’s why im feeling so free like a pearl down in the ocean with a steady motion let me bring the love potion to you my baby cause I just wanna keep in touch yes im back here and I like to hit the clutch of my car because im the star shining bright in the sky always till the day I die because I don’t rely on that stuff what ya saying no more maybe many people will just try to ignore that im still the best motherfucker on this planet so many folks trying to act like a menace to society ya know I ve got the variety to write my lyrics down.

Its cold outside and im shivering waiting for the next thoughts to arrive in my head trying to fuck me up again tryong to turn me insane but when I hear your name its like the sweatest candy and im feeling dany if we could just get together and have some fun things would change nothing would be the same I hate to play the same game it sucks fucks me up hell ya I gos to go in puplic because I aint no wanna be g nodden like that im feeling free to say what I like got the best shit inside that’s also the reason why im burning bright like the stars in the sky there is no reason why you never gonna pass by the track your in cause there are many ways why I continue writing my songs all the time get the track floading like the sky never pass by in what people think about you doasnt really matter when I see your face I stack some real stuff only for you im finding myself there are many ways for you to end up in wealth cause ya know I fucking made it im in the damn matrix cause I just like to reappear from the deep and dark jungle when I flex and flow its like a fucking funnel like a twister I will twist ya heart apart there many ways to rome let me feel and felx like a crazy sound addict yes my steeze are just illmatic that’s why im rapping on the snare when I flex and flow I really don’t care what you think I know that ya fucking pussy just stinks like hell dirty and not shaved let me get close and you get in the mase of the own zone cought alone never flex monotone cause I break every bone in ya body cause im the best im good and ya never understood my shit right so im getting ready to bite ya head of I pieces when I see you I would also fuck all my tight nices I aint loosing shit and my thoughts will be no tap for me any longer my pain will stop and never get any stronger because im back people like to get slapped or backstabbed with my damn mashed potato salad quess who’s back it’s the penetrator the real eraser I grabb the heat without no hesitation when I see your eyes looking so bright shining beautiful and awesome like a star with overwhelming beauty just like a model on the catwalk if you walk the walk you better talk the talk cause o release the trigger of my damn gun I see you but ya aint seeing me cause ya dumb I aint finished with relocating my stuff many peoples just like to get buffed up your just smoking on ya motherfucking joint there is no fucking way that you can find the point cause ya sick in ya brain and also when I hear your name its like the sweetest candy love is rooted deeply inside some bodies soul

Its just very painful when on of the love ones disappears just gone erased out the memory and the good times we had let me feel free and I show you that I aint dead im back here and im feeling much better you never see me again till I feel better and I know that im real the best fucking checking it with my sex appeal back on this motherfucker you know I aint no dirty ass brother maybe my words are full with curses but I feel like the one who just likes to be cool not the one who’s maybe acting like a fool cause im not no foolish motherfucker this is what you are never will find me getting down on ya ass cause I blast you like crazy ya know my name but I aint acting lazy cause im getting down and writing my shit down you aint my friend so don’t try to be my homie don’t even try it cause I fight back with ruthless anger and a knife that’s ready to stab ya ass in many pieces ya heard me shit I aint no snith but im staying steady on that gangser pitch im just ready to write my thoughts down hell yeah its me and ya know my name its not just one way that you gonna die in faim let me see what ya got without that ammunition or ya gun your just a down ass hooker let me look at you slutty from the way you dress and the way ya tie your shoe its not a hard thing to believe that there are many ways you will gain to achieve and its not easy to get out this spot your in get out there right now

Birdie (Okt. 2003)

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